Workouts and Exercises in the Management of Multiple Sclerosis

Exercises and workouts are very important to general well-being and health of a person. They help to put the body in good shape and also encourage good flow of blood among other benefits. This means that workouts and exercises are helpful in the management of several MS symptoms. MS patients should be ready to undertake simple workouts such as aerobics in the early stages of MS symptoms. Such a patient benefits in several ways which includes;

  • Improved blood flow and better cardiovascular fitness.
  • Improved strength of bones to ease the mobility of a person and more functionality of the body.
  • Improved bladder and bowel function.
  • less fatigue and depression as the body becomes more active yet relaxed.
  • They enable the patient to have increased positive attitude towards the condition.
  • They enable the patient to have increased participation in social activities which is a good sign of less depression and increases the mood of the patient.
  • Improved cognitive functioning of the body.
  • Improved breathing.

MS patients need to participate in a workout program which fits the capabilities and limitations of the patient according to the symptoms. But it’s advisable to join the program in the very early stages of MS. As changes occur in MS symptoms, then necessary adjustments should be made to fit the purpose of the whole program to the patient.

It’s critical to follow the advice of a physical therapist who is experienced with MS and can help in designing, supervising and revising an exercise program when need be. It’s also paramount to make prior consultations with your health care provider for a go ahead of the workout program.

The timing of the program should be carefully undertaken with avoidance of hotter periods of the day which might make one more fatigued.

Recommended Workouts and Exercises:

1) Yoga

Most yoga programs lay emphasis on relaxation, breathing and small deliberate body motions which can work well for a MS patient. However, it’s critical for a MS patient to find the right yoga program which suits his/her needs appropriately.

2) Adaptive Tai Chi

This exercise is usually characterized by deep breathing and slow gentle movements making it a good option too for MS patients. Another benefit of it is that all this can be done while sitting thus the patient doesn’t strain much.

3) Exercise in Water

Water possesses some unique qualities which are very beneficial to MS patients. The most notable one is the ability for MS patients to partake some motions in water which would be strenuous to try on land, thus improving the body mobility.